What an awesome reminder of how social media keeps us social. Thank you QuotesZone! ?To the pregnant ?women on social media posting constant updates and belly pictures… I love seeing how excited you are to become a mommy.❤
To the person who posts their whereabouts, new gadgets?, thanks for showing how blessed you are. This will set as a reminder for us to work and strive to achieve our goals.??
To the ??women posting selfies…thanks for letting young girls know that it’s okay to love yourself and to feel beautiful!?
To the mom posting a million pictures of her?? ? kids… it makes my heart so happy to see parents so proud of and loving their babies!????
To the ??? married couple constantly posting sappy love posts….thank you for being a reminder to the next generation that all hope isn’t lost and happy marriages most definitely DO exist.?
To the business owners who constantly post about their businesses… keep going! Your ? strong will and passion for what you do is astounding! Even in the midst of all the negative remarks, you keep on going for yourself and your family!?
To the person posting about their fitness journey and how they decided to change their lifestyle for health reasons or just to look or feel better about themselves… I love seeing your progress pictures, your healthy meals ?, gym check ins?… I especially love seeing your before and after pictures!!??
To the stay at home mom posting about being able to cook and or bake ???often for their family… I love seeing all you can do with your kids ?? and all those pictures you get to take of the moments you don’t want to forget.
To the mom posting about how challenging their days can be because she has a job either because she needs to or simply because she loves her career ?????… I love seeing how you manage? being a hard working mom. ??
Let’s stop being annoyed by everything and start lifting each other up! ? ?❤?