ISPARKLE GROUP and our brands focus on providing you with destinations you can trust and rely on for every stage of your life to connect you to great content, products and services and personalize your experience with us. Our mission is to be clear and transparent about how and why we collect and use information and to empower you to control your personal information. The purpose of this notice is to explain how we work with third parties to show ads that are more likely to be relevant to your interests and the choices you have with respect to those practices.

Advertising enables us to provide the rich content for which our sites. In order to provide a more relevant online experience, we allow third-party advertising partners to collect information about your visits to our sites to show ads that are more likely to be relevant to you, and to show ads on our sites based on your activity on other sites and services. This is called interest-based advertising. You may learn more about our practices by reading our Privacy Policy.

You may opt-out from receiving ads relevant to your interests from companies that participate in the DAA consumer choice program. If you elect to opt-out, you will still receive the same number of ads as before, but they may not be as relevant to you. Please note that the opt out is cookie-based and will only affect the specific computer and browser on which you opt out. If you delete your browser cookies or use a new browser or device, you will need to opt-out again.