One thing women in cultures throughout the world have in common is a universal passion for keeping their skin healthy and beautiful.

In honour of International Women’s Day, March 8, here is a spotlight on skincare tips, trends and habits practiced by skin-savvy women across the globe:

  • Japan: Japanese women often dedicate half an hour to gently patting and layering as many 10 products, including masks, serums and creams, onto skin twice a day for a fresh, luminous glow.
  • Morocco: Every week, Moroccan women visit a traditional steam room for two to three hours with friends or family, where they all enjoy an intense head-to-toe, cleansing body scrub (sometimes from each other), and socialize, until their skin looks radiant.
  • India: The morning of her wedding, it’s customary for an Indian woman to have a turmeric paste applied to her face and body before washing it off for exceptionally vibrant, glowing skin.
  • Korea: Skincare-savvy Korean women turn to the modeling (rubber) mask, an innovative mix-it-yourself product that drives the active ingredient into skin as it dries to a rubbery consistency. Once the mask is peeled off, skin is left intensely hydrated, nourished and radiant.
  • Israel: To detoxify and purify skin, women in Israel cover their entire bodies with mineral-rich mud from the Dead Sea and then rinse off in that salty sea water for a fresh, revived, smooth look.

Ultimately, what makes all our skin stories unique also brings us together as beautiful. It’s best to do what works for you.  All Rodan + Fields® Regimens and tools are designed to work for all ethnicities—so no matter who you are, you can expect great results. Visit for more information, and to contact me directly.