Cheryl Kerr   02-23-2016

Scars form as a result of damage to the skin’s collagen and elastin. The new tissue will have a different texture and quality than the surrounding tissue (your skin is like a fine piece of fabric, and one small tear can make a big difference in how it looks). Although scars are part of the normal healing process, generally you can diminish them when they are less than a year old. You can also help to prevent excessive scarring by preventing infection, and keeping the wound moist by keeping it covered with an antibiotic ointment.

Rodan + Fields’ REDEFINE AMP MD™ System, which includes the noninvasive AMP MD Micro-Exfoliating Roller and REDEFINE Night Renewing Serum, utilizes micro-exfoliation roller technology to boost collagen production, for visibly advanced skin-firming and smoothing benefits. This can help reduce the appearance of scars. With continued use, the REDEFINE Regimen and the AMP MD System are clinically proven to help skin appear firmer and make lines and wrinkles less noticeable for a more luminous and refined appearance. Visit for more information, and to contact me directly.