OMORC Sports Water Bottle Plastic Drinking Bottle


About this item

  • Motivational Timeline: Featured with transparent design and inspirational time marker and measurements, this portable water bottle helps monitor your daily water allowance. Easily remember to intake water throughout the day with times to drink and ensure enough all day hydration.
  • 100% BPA Free: Made of ultra-durable Tritan materials, OMORC fitness water bottle is non-toxic, odorless and shatter-proof, for both cold and hot water—withstands boiling water and freezing temps! Fit easily and comfortably in hand and compatible with most cup holders in car, bike, etc.
  • Flavorful Water Intake: Want to drink more water but find it hard to accomplish with boring water? Then try this infusing bottle with a detachable filter inside! Enjoy healthy infusion of flavored water with your favorite fruits. Hydration done perfectly! Cleaning and adding ice cubes would also be a breeze with the wide opening.
  • 100% Leak-proof: No more leaks and spills! The eco-friendly and healthy silicone ring and ball in the lid securely seal the water and the lid lock, as a double guarantee, prevents accidental pressing of the button. Bonus! Additional silicone balls are included
  • Hydration On-the-go: The carrying loop and the sturdy lid that stand the test of time make this workout water bottle easy to take from work to the gym and even in car. Fast flow spout and one-handed open for quicker and smoother water intake after exercise. 


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