Did you know…
August is the eighth month of the Gregorian calendar, and the sixth month of the Roman calendar. In 8 BCE, the month was named in honor of Augustus Caesar, the first Roman emperor.
When we describe something as august, we are saying it is majestic and inspires reverence or admiration.
August also relates to augury, the act of divination (telling the future).
Augurs were the official Roman soothsayers, whose job was not to tell the future so much as to determine if the Roman gods approved of a planned course of action.
And here’s a usage not heard often: an auguste is a “type of circus clown who usually wears battered ordinary clothes and is habitually maladroit or unlucky.”
May your August be filled with favorable omens and devoid of unlucky circus clowns.
? Carol Grant
(source ~ dictionary.com)