Such a beautiful read. Please share and I hope it brings peace to some. It does for me.

I’d like to first start by telling you, how proud I am of you. You have overcome so much in such a short period of time. The person you are today is the person I always knew you could be, but your growth does not stop here.

I also would like to apologize, while I wish I could have stayed with you, you must know it wasn’t my choice to leave. Oh how I wish, we had one more day together. How I wish you could hear my voice in more than a memory. But I would like you to know a few things.

First, even though you don’t see me, I walk along side you every day. I am cheering you on silently, and your biggest fan. I am there for every moment you are alone and you break down and cry. Know I am still wiping your tears.

But if you must know, I will be by your side every day for the good and bad. I will answer every prayer and send you signs to give you answers. Thank you for missing me as much as you do. Please know I miss you too. Thank you for taking me with you as you have. I promise to continue to be your best friend and your soul-mate. As much as you think I made your life better, it is only because I met you, I left the world as gracefully as I could. Had I not met you, I would be sitting here, knowing I had missed something and someone down there. I came into your life for a short period of time and then left, like a comet lighting up the night sky. But just remember I wasn’t taken away until I met you, because we were destined to find each other. And we are destined to cross paths again in the future, of that I am sure. It was in my final moments with you I was happiest.

When the day comes that we meet again, know I will be waiting for you. I’m sorry I didn’t follow through with the plans we made, but keep on keeping on and do everything we talked about because I will be with you.

You are my best friend. You are one of the most beautiful people I have had the honor of calling my friend. And although you don’t see it now, and some days may be dark, I know this to be true; I know what your future holds. I know of all the things you will accomplish, I know the people you will meet and the places you will go. I know everything you don’t, and it’s a good thing I can’t speak or I’d tell you all of these things.

If I can ask you a few things, please don’t be angry at the universe. I don’t expect you to understand, but one day when you are with me, you will understand why people leave when they do. Sometimes losing someone, allows him or her to live forever in your heart.

Please keep that relationship with my parents and my family, for they are your family, maybe not by blood, but by a bond just as strong. I need you to promise me something right now, it is the same things I always told you when I was on earth. That is, do not be afraid of your dreams, chase them as far as they take you and pursue them with courage whatever they may be. I know there are days you may be confused, and not quite sure where your life is taking you, that’s the fun part about it though. I know where you are heading and I can’t wait until you figure it out and get there.

Promise me you won’t let petty drama interfere with your happiness, forgive people even when they aren’t sorry. I tried so hard to live that way on earth, and when I left, it was on a good note with everyone even you.

I know it may seem unfair, I was taken from you. But I’ll let you in on a secret, life isn’t fair sometime, and it comes bearing acceptance, even when we can’t even make sense of it.

Let me tell you one final thing, it is beautiful here. They have everything we could ever want and one day it will be full of everyone we have ever loved. Remember dying in life isn’t the end but the beginning of a new journey. So until we meet again, I will be waiting for you. As I wait, I will be walking along side you, every step of the way.


Your Guardian Angel