Watermelon Champagne Cocktail

Watermelon Champagne Cocktail

Definitely added to the summer list “Move over, rosé. There’s a new favorite summer drink that’s taken the internet by storm, and it’s just as pretty, refreshing and pink. Watermelon champagne is exactly what you would imagine it to be—watermelon blended and...

CJG 6-29-2016

Best crispy chicken wing recipe EVER! I make this and have tried both sauces, which are very good. But usually I just put salt and pepper or simply seasoning salt on them and bake. Then I serve with different dips. There are NEVER enough! ?...

CJG 6-24-2016

These are one of my favorite weekend brunch treats, although making twice as many and having them for breakfast during the week works too! ? fresh orange cranberry scones https://allyskitchen.com/fresh-orange-cranberry-scones/