CJG 9-3-2016

Hang on for one more day, it will get better. Good or bad nothing lasts forever. 💕

CJG 9-2-2016

There's no point in constantly worrying about everything. What will happen will happen regardless. Most definitely question the things you don't understand, but listen with the intent to learn. Make informed decisions and then let the situation play out. We cannot control everything and everyone around us. Sometimes the change [...]

CJG 8-27-2016

Don't focus on the doors that are closing in life, focus on the doors that are opening! ❤️ Simple Reminders

CJG 8-26-2016

No one cheers when you set a boundary. Get used to it. People love it when you overprovide. When you overpromise, and overdeliver. That may be with your spouse, kids, work, clients. Notice it. Own it. Change it. The change starts with healthy boundaries. All those people who enjoy your [...]

CJG 8-26-2016

Definitely added to the summer list 💕 !https://www.facebook.com/dallas.sims.142?hc_ref=PAGES_TIMELINE Watermelon Champagne Cocktail Recipe info: http://www.afabulousfeteblog.com/…/watermelon-champagne-coc…

CJG 8-26-2016

Look for happiness in little things; a clear blue sky, a field of daisies, take a moment and enjoy yourself. 💕 'Happiness is available. Please help yourself to it.' ~ Thich Nhat Hanh

CJG 8-25-2016


CJG 8-24-2016

Are you doing what you love? Or just what is expected of you? Listen to your inner self, pay attention to what lights you up. Then find a way to do that over and over again. 💕